A Tally, A Peeve, The Achieve

“I am not young enough to know everything.”
Oscar Wilde

A Tally, A Peeve, The Achieve

It is mid-August and nearing the end of this expansion. Let’s look at the numbers:

Total mounts: 423


Mounts that I can ride:


Frustrating, no?

Toys: 488


Though it is really one more since I picked up the:

Coifcurl’s Close Shave Kit
Item Level 120
Binds when picked up
Use: Place Coifcurl’s Close Shave Kit on the ground at your feet for you and others to peruse. WARNING: Shave kit may be under dark influence. Satisfaction is not guaranteed! (1 Hour Cooldown)
Requires Level 10

Treasure: Coifcurl’s Close Shave Kit
Zone: Vision of Orgrimmar

It makes me bald!

Total unique pets: 1065


I skipped the Slimy Pets in Nazjatar.

And I got this one yesterday:

Stinky Sack
Item Level 120
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon Rotbreath.
Dropped by: Lord Aj’qirai
Drop Chance: 2.35%

This is a screencap of my cat mount on the water near Light’s Hope Chapel:


I was bothered that there was no splash animation and changed over to my water strider who has great water animation:


No splash animations when walking on water.

I feel a bit ripped off and I hope that they fix it for Shadowlands. Some of the original charm to this game was watching the footprints left in the snow and sand. The water strider splashiness was surface-tension terrific.

Achievement points up to 24910 which, to me, is pretty good since I don’t PvP have that whole range of achieves are missing in my tally book.


Finally, camping rares in Uldum is really camping! Just look at this screenshot.


2 thoughts on “A Tally, A Peeve, The Achieve

  1. Hey there, glad to see you are still going at it! I just spent a day moving my old blog off of a paid host to Github Pages. I spent some time looking through old posts and comments. I don’t think I ever shared with you, but I really appreciated your feedback and encouragement back in the day. Happy trails :-).

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