Shadowlands Launch Date and More

“Premiering a new opera is probably one of the hardest things in the world to do, and opening nights of any opera are always pretty stressful.”
Rufus Wainwright

Shadowlands Launch Date and More

Well, well, well. The launch date has been announced, October 26th in my neighborhood. And, I believe, the new raiding/m+/pvp season will start on November 10th. With no announcement of when the pre-patch drops, we are still in a holding pattern and circling around and around.

I am excited to get to the Shadowlands. The start of the journey will be the pre-patch and I have all kinds of questions.

Like, do I keep water walking on my mount? I think we all chose this because we knew that the water strider would no longer do the job and it was popular as a mount. But, how much water will there be? My impression is that each covenant will be it’s own zone and maybe even instanced. So, we’d not water walk to the next zone but need a portal or boat or something.

Will the water walking pet for my hunter still do the job? I could easily macro the pet spell to my mount and have water walking and then use the non-stun unit instead. We know that the goblin gliders from WoD will work for two (or three?) minute gliding. So, what is the best choice?

What about Relics from the Past? This will be turned on for the pre-patch. And I have a lot of cloth. A lot. Like over 2000 bolts of linen cloth. I could do the very tedious process of upgrading old cheap goods and then vendoring them for 50 gold. Do it 100 times for 5000 gold, is it worth the “time spent” even in the pre-patch? Maybe someone will make a script to use.


Are my Alts ready? This one worries me because, like everyone else in the entire World of Warcraft, I want to bring over many Alts. Since I am a bit of a mercenary, they will be herb pickers and alchemists and inscriptionists and miners and engineers and so on.

I think that we’ll have a pre-patch event. Maybe quests or invasions or cutscenes to build excitement and explain a little about what we need to look forwards to. Hopefully this stuff will reward gear and that will be the marker for how highly geared we need to be to be entry-level successful.

If it is a one-month long pre-patch era, then it will be around September 26ish. That will be the clear signal to me to start tossing all the BfA junk in my bank and what a relief that will be! I’ve been cooking and flasking and potioning for two years now and I am stocked up and ready to dump that junk.

I worry that I’ll have to re-design my action bars for the new spells that we’ll get in the pre-patch but also for the spells that we get in the covenants later on. My action bars were never really “by design” they sort of evolved over time by the needs of the moment.

Alright, is everyone as excited as I am?

George Bernard Shaw: “Am reserving two tickets for you for my premiere. Come and bring a friend – if you have one.”

Telegram inviting Winston Churchill to opening night of Pygmalion.

Churchill wired back: “Impossible to be present for the first performance. Will attend the second – if there is one.”

4 thoughts on “Shadowlands Launch Date and More

  1. I’m excited!
    I’ve always preferred the no-daze mount equipment. I only use water walking for extended water travel anyway, so I don’t mind the few seconds it takes to switch over to the Anglers Fishing Raft. Having to stop and fight — and maybe die if I’ve run through too many mobs — is much more annoying to me than slowing down when running through patchy water.
    Other than that it’s partly a reprise of the Wrath pre-patch zombie invasions — which I *hated* the first time around — I don’t know much about the pre-patch event. If it rewards gear that is the same appearance as the pre-Wrath zombie invasions, though — a unique teal recolor of the Paladin Judgment set — I’ll defintely have to play that content enough to get it!

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    • The cloth is left-overs on a bank alt. BUT, they will have a thing called Relics of the Past. You can make a pattern from a past expansion, brown cloth pants, and upgrade them via the relic and it will be gear at the level of shadowlands. The speculation is that one could exploit it and upgrade and vendor over and over again.


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