What is a “Block”?

I don’t know what a block is but it is blocking me from writing this blog. Where are the images I uploaded?

It is confusing, I’ll guess I’ll be back when I’ve figured all this out.

I was doing fine before, I really was. WordPress looks like it upgraded itself to a pro version when I am certainly not that!

3 thoughts on “What is a “Block”?

  1. Oh dear, you have the new editor from WordPress, many people (including me) don’t like it at all, the older editor was fine but WordPress is not keeping that around.

    Anyway, try the older editor, you may like it, in the top bar press on My Site, then on the left side column you’ll see “WP Admin” which will take you to the old control panel of WordPress.

    That’s what i’m using because i don’t want to use the block editor.

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