Blizzard Steps Back

Well then, the date of the expansion drop has been moved back and Blizz is offering refunds. The sky is falling!

Of course it isn’t. For me, I find that it is good news to see the company step up and admit that it is not ready for play. The World of Warcraft can not survive a bad patch launch especially if it is the mechanics of the new system. So, fix it!

My guess is that the vast majority of subscribers are very long time subscribers and if we can be trained to camp a rare with nothing to do but wait, we can chill easily for a few more months. If we can be trained to sit for forty-five minutes waiting on the LFR to queue us in, we can wait a few more months for new content.

Golly, I’m still logging in every day. I am too darn cheap to buy another game, I can be amused at leveling another allied race or try (again and again) for the Mimron’s Head mount.

What I have not done is heal. That is my most funnestish thing to do in this game. I’ve not switched to heal spec in months and I miss it. I don’t remember the date of the pre-patch but it’s been posted somewhere. I’ll heal then, it’s cool. I’ve been trained to wait.

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