Shadowlands: Pre-Patch Notes

The notes are all over the place and I can’t seem to make a link to it in this cheese block of a WordPress Blog. So, go find them.

Now, this is what patch notes are supposed to look like! Extensive and detailed, it is a huge list of changes coming in the pre-patch. I spent some time looking for professions but, doh, the professions will come with the actual expansion. And, I assume, we’ll get a whole new set of patch notes then too.

Have they ever listed the mounts possible to find in the Black Market Auction House? Or break down the changes in pet battles? Seriously impressive notes if you ask me.

I feel like a newcomer, I don’t understand “Area target spells can now be cast at the player’s position using self-cast modifier keys.” I mean, I know what the words mean but it is gamer-speak, I think.

“Water now regenerates mana slower in the first seconds you begin drinking, increasing to a rapid return as you drink continuously.” This is a nerf intended to slow … you … down. Healers will hate this, in fact I already do.

“Reduced the amount of value that Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility secondary stats provide when reaching high thresholds.” Stacking stats won’t have the same payoff and I think that it will flatten our experience, all of those wonderful crit spikes that we’d cheer about in chat will be a memory of the past.

Do I count FIFTEEN changes to the UI? This is wonderful! Real improvements like a countdown timer and pins on the mini-map. I used the suggestion box to ask that the ! color for quests be different for campaign and side quests but they solved it a better way, “Campaign quests now have separate headers in the Quest Tracker.”.

Go find the pre-patch notes and spend about an hour sifting through them. Shadow Priest has a massive list of changes and so does Enhancement Shamans. I am book marking it so when the patch arrives and I look for and check out the changes, especially the UI.


4 thoughts on “Shadowlands: Pre-Patch Notes

  1. I am quite thoroughly intimidated by the learning curve of the new WordPress editor!
    If I pull up the “Classic” block of editing tools, it’s reasonably like the rich text editor I use in my college’s learning management system to make my course websites… but I still can’t make head or tail of the rest of it — especially how in the heck do I get back to my dashboard from the new post editor???
    I found a setting to enable the Classic editor; once I turned it on, when I go into the Posts section, I now have “Editor” and “Classic Editor” options for all my published and draft posts, as well as a little dropdown under the “new post” button to choose which editor to use for the new post.

    Yeah, tanks are NOT gonna learn to wait for their healers to drink, are they? And DPS will have an even harder time not getting their knickers in a twist about having to wait for the healer to drink.

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  2. I am angry at the water situation. I know what it is designed to do. It’s a PVP and M+ nerf. However, it’s going to have huge negative impacts in LF(D/R/G). Though, it looks like the darkmoon daggermaw food/feasts are still a flat % of health/mana (crossing my fingers that blizz doesn’t take the nerf bat to that).

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  3. I read a little of pre-patch notes, going to spend some times tonight to read more, i’m looking forward to try Shadow Priest, the spec used to be my main, changed that to hunter in Legion, shadow priest needs high level gear to make playing it fun, without it killing mobs takes time.

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