WoW: Raiding in the Pre-Patch

Tonight will be Election Night in these United States. I can’t bear it. I have the television on a Hallmark Christmas movie with the sound turned off.

Many years ago, I worked the Super Bowl. It was the Denver Broncos vs the Green Bay Packers. It was great, I had a pass that let me have the run of the stadium and my job was to be on the 50 yard line at the end of the game.

The game was close and ultimately the Denver Broncos won and since I had to be on their sideline I was caught up in the energy of the victory. I wanted to cheer! But as I looked up into the stands, I could see the Green Bay fans and they were hurting; tears, emotionally bruised.

At the time, for me, it felt like that if I ran around cheering that I’d be gloating and that isn’t right. So, I kept it on the inside.

No matter who wins in this election, I’ll keep my quietness because I know that the losers will be hurting hard.

I tried to kill some time by doing the new Purple Murloc quest in the Grizzly Hills but when I arrived there were about twenty players camped, waiting for a spawn. Egads, I logged out right there.

Our raid team met after the pre-patch. Our DK tank is now a rogue! We had a re-shuffle of our team for the new expansion and it was a composition check as much as anything else.

And I was bored. Zounds; Wrathion, the Prophet, Maut, the dog boss, the soccer boss and so on; been down that road before. The rest of the raid team must’ve felt the same way because while I was gleefully using “cyclone” on the trash mobs, the rogue was using “tricks of the trade” to send aggro to the hunter and the hunter was using “misdirection” on the rogue.

We will all gather again in two weeks, right before the expansion and those who are gearing are expected to have at least the pre-patch zombie event gear on and ready. Mostly I don’t pay too much attention, if our raid leader says to be there, I will be. But I have appreciation for his planning and timing and efforts to keep us together as a team over the long pauses in game play.


2 thoughts on “WoW: Raiding in the Pre-Patch

  1. Hah, sounds like your raid group is having fun, and kudos to your leader’s good work.

    I have put myself on a news blackout until Thursday morning at least… maybe Friday, since there are some states that might be counting mail-in ballots for a few more days. I’m sure my students will be talking about it tomorrow, though, so I won’t be able to stay completely unspoiled…

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