WoW: Pre-Patch Follies

Day Two and it is all routine.

Day One was pretty fun. I was proud to have my Argent Tournament Tabard to jump me straight to the action after the opening quests. And I even had a shot at the bag drop (no luck).

I found Nathanos on the map and went and got my weapon, no upgrade, but I was excited to play it out on my Alts and get them weapons.

In the evening I logged in to do the rare route but really to talk to some friends on Discord since we’ve not met up in a long time. They were talking about the Nathanos cutscene and wondering if Tyrande is the strongest on the planet now.

What cut scene? I’d done this four times!

By golly, there is a quest to go kill Nathanos! I’d missed it because of the large crowds in SW and the giver was too short to make the ! high enough to see.

Back to SW, back to the Eastern Plaguelands, and finally to see a good cut scene. It makes me wonder what else I missed.

In all, I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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