Wowhead’s Interview with Ion

I always try to read up when Ion gives an interview. I appreciate it and am glad when he steps up to speak. Of course, he is an ex-lawyer and when he responded lawyer-like with a very long answer: Wowhead summed it up with a single line! Do you think that they were being sarcastic?

My take-away comes from his answer to why scrolls are gone and our drums will be nerfed:

A lot of it is underscoring class utility and class diversity within groups. Many of those consumables were used to cover up for stacking many of a certain class. Ideally, whether you’re in a dungeon group, whatever context you’re in, you should want as many different classes represented as possible and players should be happy that, “Oh cool we have a priest with us today, that means that we’re all gonna have a bit of extra health. Some of these things that are otherwise borderline one shots in this high key, we have a bit of an extra cushion against”. Same for each of the other buffs that are available. That’s something that has been part of WoW for a long long time and that we’d like to return to. It’s class identity. At the end of the day skill is essential, play with your friends, we don’t want these differences to be large enough to feel like you can’t do that. But all else being equal, if you’re a pug leader trying to fill out a group, a mix of classes should be better than bringing multiples of the same one.

Long answer, right? What stands out to me in his response is that it is purely from a mythic plus point-of-view. Or that he lives in a world with lots of players on stand by. So something. Something that is not like my gaming lifestyle. Ion, the scrolls are gone for everybody in every situation.

I do appreciate class identity. And, I understand how important it is to WoW and it’s success to have high-end mythic dungeon running as part of the “must watch” stuff. But, sometimes I feel like not much thought is going into what I do which is mostly casual raiding and with a set team. Really, really. About twelve to sixteen of us for years now, we wanted the scrolls!

Can I add without being too snarky, the Druid Mark of the Wild was part of the class identity too: for a long long time.

And, if the scrolls are gone; then they are gone. Ho-hum. Some designer had the idea of making pseudo-buffs (maybe) because it is unfair to all of the classes that only mages, warriors and priests can give a buff to the team. I like that guy, I wonder if he still works there.

So, bravo to Ion for doing the interview. I’m glad that he did it and that I could read it. Even if it was a whole lot of tap dancing.

One thought on “Wowhead’s Interview with Ion

  1. This is the first time in 11 years that I’m going into an expansion with no idea what I’m doing. I couldn’t get myself excited to research. I’m just going with what feels right.

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