WoW: Loot is Loot

Like every other casual raider, and we are in the majority, I am trying to make the two-week transition from level 50 to being raid ready. There is a phenomenal amount of new content and new systems and new zones and new spells to learn, embrace and explore.

Frankly, I ain’t gonna make it.

I am upset and concerned and worried for our raid team. If the even some of the others on the raid team are like me, we won’t have the juice to down the first boss. The others who are not like me and have played at extraordinary levels and at a pace for success might, should and could go find another raid team; I’d not blame them one bit.

The chest-thumping “loot is loot!” in bold letters is fine with me. If we are to have fewer gear drops and no surprise gifts of higher ilevel and the loss of bonus rolls; then fine — once we are in the routine of raiding. I am all for playing the game as designed.

In a panic, I ran three mythic dungeons yesterday. The Theater of Pain, De Other Side and Sanguine Something. A total of 13 bosses (isn’t it weird that two of the dungeons only have four bosses?) and I got two pieces: a ring and a pair of britches. Maybe I am grateful and thankful and blessed to get my two gear drops, after all loot is loot.

My effort is mostly there. I have my legendary boots with the best-in-slot healing-for-raiding blessed bonus. I am renowned six. I’ve opened the mission table, the anima conductor and something else, the garden will get done by this weekend. I’ve done every Calling. My cooking and fishing are maxed so I can have my own buff foods and my alt alchemist can give me health pots and mana pots but not flasks, yet. I’ve put in the hours finding the WQs that offer loot and conduit tokens.

I have not chained dungeon runs. That will be my downfall.

There is no other avenue and so I have failed at the game. Watching the (very few) gear WQs pop up that might reflect my ilevel and offer a piece three points higher is fine, loot is loot and if I had a month then I’d get there and be ready.

Personally I don’t care if week one is a bust and we have to rely on the LFR the following week with one wing open and a scant chance for loot is loot. But, will our ambitious raiders be content to take that route? There will be many raids in the Looking for Group with spots open for those with ilevel. If my comrades continue with us, they will have far out-paced me in the gear race.

If our raid team doesn’t fall apart, then in one year we will all be used to it and the transition from old raid to new raid will be easy assuming old heroic to new normal.

But right now is the time, do or die Blizzard. Your loot is loot design is in place and you won’t even see the long-time raid teams dissolve and the uptick in the LFG raid scene, why it would be a positive mark to see so many involved in that sector.

I’ll be writing on next Thursday morning, the day after the debacle. We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “WoW: Loot is Loot

  1. It’s my fear. We are starting the 15th. Minimum 170 level, a small group that runs Mythics day in day out, are well beyond and ready to go. The rest of us? I hit 60 on Wednesday night, still have a few chapters. The only reason I was able to run two Normal dungeons was by spending a huge pile of gold, and crafting a bunch of 151 gear, getting me to 154. I got 0 rewards off of 8 bosses, and one unusable green off a mob.

    Things won’t change. We either need to step up and put in the time needed, or walk away.

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  2. As far as Castle Nathria goes, I am not super interested in the Mog looks, but I am interested in the Covenant weapons. Reading about how dungeon running is the only real way to gear up, however, is making me think that perhaps I’ll give LFR a pass again this expansion.

    Good luck to your raid team! I hope you get at least the first boss down, enough to keep the group hanging together.

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