Shadowlands: Return of the Alt Army

I’m talking about professions.

The big hurdle over the past two expansions was that the game’s design was forcing every Alt through every thing; from rep to dungeons to raid recipe drops. I hated it because my own game design was to have an Alt Army supporting my main. And: I don’t have to hate it anymore.

Today my level 51 hunter, Feignlove, dinged max on Alchemy and just a few points shy on Inscription. My main, an herbalist, is ready for raiding with flasks, oils, potions and buff foods. I might have enough to last a month! She will never leave Oribos again — unless she decides to go for the Cauldron, but that can wait.

Encouraged, my beloved main from-the-past jumped in to do some mining. He is an engineer as is my main, thinking that raid repairs are valued. This expansion doesn’t offer much at all to engineers but why not level that up too? I have immediate access to all of the zones, they scale, I’m geared, it is bad-ass.

I really am excited. During Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria I had skinners and leatherworkers and jewelcrafters and alchemists (2 for the daily transmute), and inscriptionists, all cooking up goodies for my mains. I’ve never done tailoring or blacksmithing (except for my three bravos in the garrison making flexweave bags). Still, I am encouraged. Why not drag another Alt through the Maw and park in Oribos by the trainer and start making rings and gems again? It is possible!

Today I gladly say that I am happy to trade ranks away and not get extra potion procs. It is strictly 1:1. I know exactly what I’m getting and can farm exactly for what I want and then, praise Elune, stop.


2 thoughts on “Shadowlands: Return of the Alt Army

  1. I got it, you can take an alt through the intro, and then just sit there crafting from sent items or go to any zone for mats. Surely an option!

    I said before that professions were fixed. I actually crafted great tailoring gear useful for leveling, and now my main will provide the whole 151 set for fresh-60 priest and warlock!

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