Shadowlands: First Raid Day

My goodness, what a laid-back group. Our core team partied up with only one new guy that didn’t speak at all. As I thought, half the team was under-geared including me, two weeks is not enough time. As we gathered, our raid leader benched two and he lowered the ilevel threshold because so many of us were low.

We downed the first boss on the third try. We could not down the second, it was very clear that one of our tanks was not able to take the deciding blows on the swap and phase two of the second boss proved to be too much for our merry group of bravos.

It was okay. No one got snippy or expressed dissatisfaction. I noticed that we three healers all brought our own flasks, oils, potions and buff foods. There was not another flask in sight as the /readycheck proved. I passed some armor potions to our miserable tank and it was not enough. Even if everyone had flasked and more, we’d still not have the juice for the job. Will we be readier on Sunday? I don’t know.

Did Blizzard listen? I’m not sure but we did not have to wade through waves of trash to get to the fights. It was reasonable! One player even scored a BoE ilevel 200 cloak to sell on the AH, no one begged at all — “sell it!” we cried. The artwork is always well done in raids, the mechanics were so clear that it seemed like having DBM was over-kill.

In expansions past, we scoffed at Normal and would typically roll through at least the first wing on opening night; not this time. I’ll call this a dress rehearsal without costumes or make up. Maybe Sunday we’ll be ready to perform.

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