Torghast in December

The biggest problem with Torghast was that it gave a terrible first impression. Last week (or two weeks, time is different in the Shadowlands), Blizzard applied a massive across-the-board nerf and then went into detail for specific mobs and monsters. Getting past that first impression was hard.

I have a Druid and a Hunter, the Druid is up to layer six and the Hunter is up to layer three. And I now find myself doing Torghast just for the fun of doing a run, “climbing” up through the layers. Finding a friend was even more fun.

It feels like this space was ultimately designed for speed-runs while you gain power-ups. But, there were traps and treasures and souls to free and pots to smash. So, I can’t figure out how this place was supposed to be run. I am learning the power-ups and some simply suck even though they sound great. It will be your choice to pick the fun flavor or to prime for that final boss and that will be a tough call.

Learning the anima cells was key. My guess is that I might have seen half of them. If I invest in the Maw vendor, my choices should go up. This was a huge part of the experience, designed per class with a ton of variety. The worse was when you had to choose one when both suck. I wonder if you can leave that cell behind.

Shrugging off any idea of reward changes the perspective, there was not a lot on the line and failure does not have to be painful; even after a forty-five minute time investment. After experiencing some of the bad runs of RNG anima cells and way too many mawrats to be fun and also getting big time buffs, one has to be doing it for the fun. You might say, “oh my, this is horrible!” but you’d say it with a laugh.

It could be miserable on my hunter. Very few anima cells buff the health of the hunter pet. Playing around the dying of a major character, my pet tank, slows the game way down. The health buffs from the stuff on the floor don’t apply to the pet. The anima cells will offer trap buffs and that, my friends, will be a slog. Yet, that is the game-as-designed.

I was reminded of the tier sets in expansion past. They would emphasize a spell that you should have been using all along, sometimes you had and sometimes you had not. The anima cells buff your side spells, not the major heavy hitters. Never starfall, yes on moonfire or never on mend pet, yes on traps. As a design idea, reinforcing our use of the full toolkit was a very good idea. Playing Torghast should make us better at playing our class.

2 thoughts on “Torghast in December

  1. I got back on Wednesday. Spent the evening getting back in sync with my wife for world quests. Party sync is a crock of …. completed a bunch only to turn in and have the same quests pop for her. I have a quest to free Jania, she doesn’t. I’ll do the tower when I have to, same for the maw. It’s too much time. I can’t do everything in 2-3 hours, so I’m not even trying. It’s the wrong time of the year to try to force people to commit to 20+ hours or more to keep up.

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