WoW: Renown 21

I think that we’ll ding 21 on the Conduit Talent Tree today or this week. On my tree it will be an endurance slot, which is always welcome. My best guess is that we’ll fill out the tree by mid-February. And then what? A new patch? Maybe an expansion of the tree? Some of those conduits are powerful, I can’t imagine adding them all up but we will see!

Torghast should bring us the Endless experience. I don’t know. So far I really like logging in and doing a Torghast run with a set aside hour for the experience. I like the power-ups and the mob stacking puzzles to solve. Never ending sounds frightening!

Our raid team is 6/10. This means that we spent some time on the council-style bosses. Many in the raid team were dreading it because it is hard to do but, once I got a look at it, I was laughing! I hope that the LFR version opens today because I’d like to see it again with less stress on success. Shimmy!

More on Torghast, my main has been buying the permanent changes from the Maw vendor. These seem to be account-wide so my Alt skips the Maw but plays Torghast. My problem is that I can’t find where to look in my UI to find that which I bought! What buffs to I own?

Finally, the honeymoon is not over for insane gold-making. You can still earn between seven and ten thousand gold from fishing for half-an-hour. Maybe because of the really high prices of the legendary pieces, we have gotten used to throwing our gold about. The WoW economy is nuts.

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