Twisted Corridor: First Look

Too long; didn’t read: It’s fun, try it.

I gave it a go, on a lark, Tuesday night. I thought I’d get a taste and leave because it was pretty late. A few hours later, it was very late and I was still playing. Eventually I died on the final door boss on the 16th floor and was glad to die, I was tired.

If you like your class, you will have fun. If your class fantasy is a beast-loving hunter who likes to trap, then those things will be amplified a lot. I mean big time! I had gone on my druid and I kept putting anima powers into my roots until I could root and wait and kill anything faster than I could by direct engagement. Next time I’d like to try pushing mastery or whatever; the choices go on and on. Sure it is RNG which anima cells that you’ll get but when you’ve had 64 choices, you can surely pick a something.

It was layer one and the goal will be to finish by doing eighteen floors with a scary final boss, I’m sure. And then try layer two, I suppose, as we get more and more geared. How far you are on Maw rep will matter because the purchases will be telling. My latest buy was to have more Epic chances and that was a big one. I hate the Maw, but might go back to rep up some more.

Next time, I will be much more aggressive on the first six floors for sure and probably the first ten. I was timid at first, not knowing what to expect. Trust me, you can blow through the first floors. I didn’t buff up and I won’t next time. A flask buff would be so tiny after getting the major power-ups inside the game.

From my first experience, I’d say floor 13 and on were much more challenging with stacked bosses and the like but it is all familiar; you’ve done all of these floors before. There is nothing new and different except the length of the encounter – more floors and more power-ups.

You do it for fun. I was seriously re-thinking my action bar layout. Spells I don’t often use, like cyclone, became common. Cyclone will hold a boss or mob for some seconds and give you a chance to heal up and take a quick glance at cooldowns. It is your full tool kit and if you like your class and class fantasy; you will have a good time!

One thought on “Twisted Corridor: First Look

  1. I’m really enjoying Torghast on my druid. My honey and I play a dual-druid team. She goes in Guardian and I go in Resto. It’s not exactly a faceroll, but the two specs interact very nicely together allowing for some “OH CRAP!!!!” recovery. It is pretty slow though.

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