Shadowlands: BrB, in Flight

As a game in itself, Shadowlands is proving to be pretty great. Mostly, and what a relief, you play for the fun parts. There are few “have to dos” and you choose where to invest your gaming time.

Callings reward rep and cash. That is about it. The rep leads to opening cosmetic rewards with a few profession exceptions. There is no hurry or pressure on Callings at all.

The Maw gives stygia and you earn rep to make Torghast easier. If you are not a high-end player, you can run Torghast at layer four and earn what you need to make legendaries. I’m set on that stuff and run Torghast for the fun of it. Today, we have The Beasts of Torghast, lets go play and find out.

Renown is important. The typically three weekly tasks are often done on Reset Day but it might take a few days more. If you fall behind, spend a day and catch up.

Our raid team is 7/10 as of last week. All my gear pieces are 200 or higher except for two pieces. The pace is of progress is just about right. We seem strong enough, so it is the fun mechanics that we have to learn. Shimmy! Boogy!

I’ve looked up conduit drops and find them in dungeons. That sucks. But, somehow, the desired conduits in my tree are all 200, so maybe the dungeon is not the only source. Either way, the pieces that I’ve wanted have come to me!

This week I completed two different campaigns and they were very different except for the “call to arms” theme. Shadowlands is about play and I want to take Alts through the other two campaigns to see what is what, not because I am compelled.

Travel time is a topic. If on a flight from Oribos or worse, from zone to zone, I get up and walk away from the game. That can’t be good design. My main has the engineering wormhole and that changes everything and I recommend it.

I keep going over the systems and worry that I am missing something important or basic. But, so far, so good. My expectation is that we will see a lot more anima to earn. Maybe from the mission table we’ll soon see six anima missions that we can send six teams to go farm it up over four hours and then rinse and repeat on our phones. I don’t know. All of the cool cosmetic stuff and rep mounts and more cost a big amount of anima, yet it can be seen that the mushroom and conduit and mission tables have finite upgrades and, once that is done, we only have cosmetic stuff to buy!

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