Shadowlands: Easy Street

During Legion and BfA I longed for the game-of-yore. In WotLK, Cata, Panda, WoD; about eight years, I could level my healer until raid ready and then park the toon until raid times. Those times have returned with some pretty small exceptions like keeping up with Renown.

I like it. Callings are pure rep and gold and I do them but I feel no compunction. A little cash is welcome, especially if there are pet battles and profession quests in the mandate. So much of the possibilities from earning exalted are cosmetic that playing is easy street, rep will happen over the course of the expansion.

My personal experience is that I will run Torghast for the fun of it, there doesn’t need to be a reward and, because I am not feeling pressure to keep up with the many systems, a few hours of game play is something to do.

As a player, I am a bit of a gold junky. You can find me fishing or herbing in the early mornings. I like to stockpile potions, oils and flasks to the point where I stack them in the guild raid tab: help yourself.

Visiting the Wow Community Forums, I see all-in-caps complaining about the low loot drops in dungeons and raids. I think that they are looking at it wrong. The right way, it seems to me, is to look at your own ilevel. Mine is about 200 with a 9/10 clear so far of the current raid. That is about perfect.

I have gear pieces above and below 200 and a chest piece and/or weapon drop at 200 would be welcome. This is good. The game is working. I remember in BfA out-gearing the raid before we even started. The same in Legion, there would be times when we’d start a raid and all eyes were on the final bosses for chances of an upgrade.

With Shadowlands on easy street, it is not too hard to be patient and waiting for prices of the player-crafted legendary pieces to drop. No one has ever hassled me for not enchanting my gear, but I have done some of that out of player pride.

And, I can take my hunter adventuring! Finding a toy or treasure or achievement is fun in WoW, it always has been. Without the burden of oppressive fill-the-big-bar systems, it is nice to log and and go play.

One thought on “Shadowlands: Easy Street

  1. True, I’ve realised that when 60 character drops the leveling bar, it’s so awesome!

    As for gear curve, I’m now quite happy with Covenant campaign upgrades. Keeps me 10 levels above LFR item level and ensures 190+ which will be enough for the next tier. Also, very easy to get (anima grind aside)

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