WoW: My Entertainment Dollar

Has the price of a subscription ever gone up or down for the World of Warcraft? It seems that it has been a solid fifteen dollars a month for a long time. Pretty good. I agree with the long-gone blogger Big Bear Butt that it is a pretty good deal if you play the game regular, that monthly price is the same as a movie ticket and popcorn; which is about three hours of entertainment.

I have been subscribed since Burning Crusade and I have played in some fashion the whole time. Last year, I changed to a six month sub because, after all of this time, I can guess that I’ll still be playing in six months.

Converting WoW gold to buy something has only been done once by me, it was for a virtual ticket to Blizzcon. My experience was not good, the video feed was choppy and rough all three days, dunno who was at fault for that, but never again.

When the token came out, several of my friends said “I will never pay for WoW again!” and then dived deep into the time sink of making WoW gold. They take much pride in having six months paid off. Still, it doesn’t sound like “fun”. I’ll gladly pay my fee and be fun and fancy free.

So, I was herbing early morning and saw a multi-box group of five druids running from node to node. Now, that would suck big time paying for five subscriptions by herbing! I hope that their battleground experience of pwning the other side is worth it, because herbing by multi-box must really be a sad chore.


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