Fun Guss and More Pets

In this new simplified version of WoW, Shadowlands offers quite a bit of things to do; many of which I’d normally say “wait until flying”. I have been spending time on the Family Exotic achievements. With these, you battle a tamer with a family of pets. You can choose to run the string on a family or stick on one tamer and flip through magic, flying, undead and so on.

Fun Guss is my current favorite pet. As I recall, it is a rep pet from the Night Fae. It looks like a goofy plant with eyes. And it has TWO specials! If you stand still for a while, you’ll notice that in the chat line it will say something like “Fun Guss spreads his leaves to call for the celestial rain of Ardenweald.” and then you will some drops of rain come down for a few seconds. Quite refreshing to see in those very dry zones. And, this is nicely weird, every now and then a “curious squirrel” will show up to look at your Fun Guss. How odd. How delightful! If you /hug Fun Guss, a blue butterfly will circle you for a few seconds.

I am looking forward to the increased loot drops from raids. Last night we dithered about on the final bosses of Normal. And then downed Shriekwing and the Huntsman on heroic. No loot. I think a clear of Normal will give you about 1000 anima and ho-hum about that. We could use some loot upgrades from the early bosses on Heroic while we are learning the progression.

For me, a clear indicator of a good raid and expansion (with the qualifier that I know that it is the first raid and it is supposed to be a bit more simple than the later raids and I hope that they can sustain challenging encounters without using stacks of mechanics as the answer to challenging) is the attendance which sees 20 players with an interest in group play. And, second, so many people have done their professions! “I have the cauldron tonight” and “Let me put down the feast” or “Open trade with me, I have stacks of oils”. I have been the only one with feasts and cauldrons in past expansions and currently it is wonderful to see others put out the goods. People are playing.

Oh, I got the Love Rocket back in 2012. Good luck!

One thought on “Fun Guss and More Pets

  1. Lol, with all my 22 toons I did maybe 2 love rocket tries this year 🙂 Like literally, 2 kills. Again, it feels like something from another world. We’re on vacation from everything, including holiday farming!

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