Torghast: Soul Forges

This might be the most difficult wing to run in Torghast. There is a non-stop fire DoT on you as you run. On my balance Druid, this is no problem at all, things like Ysera’s Gift make it simply a blur. However, on my hunter this is the real deal and you need a plan.

Yesterday I ran it at eight, the highest, because I needed the Soul Ash to make a different legendary. I hated my “best” legendary so much that I wasn’t using it. So: time to change.

The challenge was the first two floors. If I could make it to the third floor with the vendor, I could purchase the anima cell that you toss at a Flamecaster on the fourth floor and that mob will give you a cell that negates the fire DoT (I think it is 65%, but enough).

I used Embalmer’s Oil on my weapon to give me some heals while I was fighting mobs.

I ate the 1000 health back every five seconds food.

I brought cheap food to get my health up after fights without writing over the health-back-buff.

And, most important, I brought a spirit beast that has a heal every thirty seconds that I can force on myself off of cooldown.

With Exhilaration, by the time I was finishing the second floor I was no longer feeling the heat. Some of the anima cells that I picked up were to health. The final floors were a breeze.

The “toss the cell on a mob” anima cell seems to work specifically for each wing. I know that I can negate the black splotches that hurt and spread after you kill a mob and turn them into healing zones. The wing with the skeletons, when celled, will give you a bunch more phantasma. I’m not sure about the other wings specifically but it is probably always a good thing to do.

That Soul Forges wing can be really hard but with some fore-thought and patience, it can be done.

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