Digging My Spriggan

This week I finished the achievement called Family Exorcist. You pet battle a list of tamers with a full class of fighters. So, all Aquatic or all Flyers. There are twelve listed but you only need to beat ten for each group which means 100 successful pet battles under those conditions.

People have figured out strategies so if you get frustrated, you can easily look it up. Our old friends Ikky, the Nexus Whelpling and Chrominius are well used. The best choice is to pick a tamer and stay right there and flip through each class but, as per me, I often was all over the place. But, you learn which tamers are especially nasty like Rotgut.

On a pizza roll, I also finished Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife. This is besting ten pet battles that are not the WQ tamers and must be found in caves or far off the beaten path. These battles are unique as you’ll only ever do them once and that is good since “far off the beaten path” can be really far off!

Both of these achievements reward a battle pet: the spriggan! Warcraft Pets doesn’t mention it but you can /dance with them. They have awesome little dances. And, Warcraft Pets does say “vocalization on click” or some such. Normally you hear a chirp or a bleat but these spriggan are grumpy! It might say, “What!” or “What do YOU want?” or “Hurry up!”. They are funny as grumpy pets and a welcome addition to my list of favorites and I am glad that some designer at Blizzard took a little extra time to make these guys special.

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