Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands

Maybe a tip or a reminder or a passing thought, leveling up in Shadowlands becomes very easy if you have Engineering or drop a gathering profession and pick up Engineering for the leveling tour. Learning Engineering gives you one point in Shadowlands Engineering and that is all you need to use the toy.

The toy is made by Engineers and sold on the Auction House so you don’t have to do the grind, just buy the toy. Once learned on one character, the toy can be used on any character while raising that army of alts to save (or conquer) the world. It is very handy and dandy.

It has a fifteen minute cooldown and can take you to all four zones plus Oribos and the Maw. Jumping from Ardenweld to Bastion in seconds is extremely satisfying and might make you think to keep the profession after you have dinged 60. Honestly, the travel time designed into Shadowlands is making me fat; every time I take flight, I go get a cookie.

With the Hasty Hearth perk from being in a guild, this gives you two ways to travel on the same timer: fifteen minutes. Once you ding 60, you will likely set your hearth in your home zone but while leveling it probably will be set in Oribos, the main hub of Shadowlands. Flying is coming to Shadowlands and it will be awesome to go treasure hunting in zones; but, you’ll still have to do the long “in between” rides – so, that Wormhole Generator will still be handy and dandy.

2 thoughts on “Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands

  1. That’s why i choose engineering for many alts, to use these toys, they are too useful and some are deadly! i remember using one of them (Gadgetzan i think) and went AFK, when i came back i found my character dead from fall damage πŸ˜‚ after that every alt have goblin gliders πŸ™‚

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