Unchain My Heart

Unchain my heart (unchain my heart)
Baby let me be (unchain my heart)
Unchain my heart (unchain my heart)
‘Cause you don’t care about me (unchain my heart)

Heh, I hope I got that song stuck in your head. It’s a good one. Ray Charles.

This new patch offered a new gizmo that you can buy which will make your Torghast run easier. It puts a portal at the beginning and at the end of the long chains that you run up and down to get buffs. You now skip the chain part and land into a bunch of waiting mobs (and that is okay).

This is a welcome change. I guess I am not the only one who has fallen off a chain or oh-so-plenty more. Any speed/movement buff will likely doom you. And, it would appear that Blizzard is paying attention and, we’d guess, that way too many deaths have come from the chains alone! So, they fixed it.

And if they are paying attention, then why not fix other things? There have to be world quests that no one will do twice. When we had the “do three WQs in Bastion” I looked at the map and said, “no, not that one. or that one. egads, never again on that one” until I found three that I was willing to do. And I know I could simply spread it over three days and do pet battles only; each zone always has a pet battle and they change every day.

I’ve stopped doing the Maw. I worry about that. Can’t they fix it and do they even know what sucks about it; maybe what I hate, they love? Where do they get their information? I’ve been to the forums and you’d have to pay me to read those posts; horrible title baits and foolish whining and empty threats, it is terrible. And, this worries me too, what if they did fix the Maw and I didn’t know it and those first impressions will keep me away?

But the real question is: why didn’t they fix the chains?

It could have been an escalator or a slide or have hand rails or a floaty parasol. But they didn’t fix the problem really. They added something to go around the problem. Maybe it was the easy low-cost way to go, adding some portals. But, I’m kind of offended by them.

2 thoughts on “Unchain My Heart

  1. Sounds fixed to me 🙂

    I’m tending to skip the chain runs if I can, true. Normally I wouldn’t die, but still. The only thing that can lure me there is a rare boss which normally have too amazing anima powers to ignore. If I need the chain runs on floor 3 aka free souls remnants? It’s a hard pass, even if I’ve got plenty of Torghast lives to spare and could actually die for every soul remnant without worry.

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  2. I’m exactly the same with choosing dailies, some of them are so god awful and time-consuming for such little reward, almost everything with a ‘bar’ to fill, is an immediate nope for me: they seem to take a LOT longer to fill this expac. It could just be perception, what’s that saying about time flying when you’re having fun?

    And the Maw is hideous, like they found a way to suck every last drop of joy from the game and stuck it there, they even managed to wipe a quest into my nope list with a ‘fix’ recently – the ingots we have to collect, used to spawn in certain spots and everyone could grab them, now they disappear after someone picks it up and take ages to reappear, yeah, no thanks.

    There’s always been a slightly sadistic streak to WoW’s gameplay, but something about this expac. makes it fell like it’s an experiment in masochism, like we’re either being punished for playing, or they’re actively trying to drive everyone away so they don’t have to keep thinking up newer and bigger storylines… I mean the afterlife… Where the absolute hell do you go to TOP that? >.<

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