Renown Cap: Shadowlands

It feels strange to me in this part of the expansion. Typically we hit a lull with a nice slow-down in game-play when we collectively finish a campaign quest-line or something like that. And then we (or maybe just me) begin to swap to Alts and taking advantage of the catch-up mechanics built into the game.

But, with Renown having a cap, most of my Alts are already there! They sort of followed the leader. There doesn’t seem to be much of a hurry to get all of the covenant systems in place, the anima demand is finite and, in time, we’ll have an over-flow of anima to spend on all of the wonderful cosmetic items. So, getting that Anima Collector cooking soonish will deliver a stock-pile of the blessed gifts needed for those cosmetic purchases.

My fourth Alt is at 57 and destined for Revendreth. The plan was to see all four of the covenants in action and I am on my way. This guy is a life-time engineer and has all of the recipes and I don’t want to let them go. He is also a miner. My main is an engineer too (raid repairs) and an herbalist. My mini-main (who is raiding too) is alchemy and inscription. Finally my worgen is a skinner (for the leather stamina chest enchants for progression raiding) and a new enchanter. At-a-glance you can see that I use my Alts to feed my main.

Gold making is fun when it works. If a Calling gives an average of 1,900 gold a day and I do them on all four of my characters eventually, that’d be over 200,000 gold a month! Of course, I’d pick and choose so don’t count on that. My AH sales are fish and herbs and tomes of change-talent and from reading other’s blogs, I see many are reaching heroic Sire; so Vantus Runes will start to go up today. Thank Elune that we don’t have ranks!

The two raid teams that I’m involved with (one team I see once a week, the other I see twice; I’m a healer in one and a dps hunter in the other), they are both set on shriek, hunter, devourer, artificer and are sometimes-maybe on the sun king and the Lady. I am hoping that my team-mates who love mythic plus will start to strut in their 226 gear and push us beyond. In this, I am personally in no hurry, the next patch and raid are not even up on the PTR. Let’s keep playing.

But, it feels like we’ll be in this quasi-end game and waiting for the next content patch for a long time. Some achievements like the treasures will wait until flying but it might be time for the pet safari now. Many in my guild are doing the dungeon achievement runs now expecting the new patch to bring a big buff to the mobs in the dungeons. So, Alt leveling and profession leveling it is for now. Kind of ho-hum, really.

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