I’m So Embarrassed!

If you happen, by chance, to come across anyone in my guild or raid team; don’t tell them! As Inigo Montoya promised, “humiliations galore”.

Here’s what happened.

On Wednesday I finally got a weapon drop off of the Heroic Huntsman. This is a big deal. It was our eighth kill so it has been two months on the heroic version of the raid without a drop. We have something like twelve kills on the Huntsman on normal in which as some point I won the ilevel 200 version of the weapon. Months ago.

I have not really been stoked about my healing numbers. On our raid team I’ve been in the middle which is fine on one level. That we have a druid, a shaman, a priest and a monk as healers means that we compliment each other. But, I feel that I should be competing for the top shot on the farm bosses with low movement fights; specifically the Hungering Devourer. Shriekwing and the Artificer has people running all about with no time to camp in my mushroom with it’s spring blossoms. So, that is that.

Wednesday night, after the raid, I was tired but excited to turn in my weapon token. I was clicking on the choices, trying to figure out this new system and I chose one with good stats for me and the “are you sure?” box shows up with feral/guardian marked. Nope, I tried again and chose Restoration. Now newly enchanted, I equipped it and was content.

The next day, I decided to compare the two weapons and see how big of an upgrade it was. I opened my character pane and my bags and looked back and forth, nice uptick in stamina, merely okay on crit, mastery vs versatility, what can you do?

What about intellect.

I was shocked and my eyes got big. My old 200 weapon had zero intellect on it! Months ago I had chosen the feral/guardian version and never noticed! All of this time my big stat stick was lacking. Oh Em Gee! Thank Elune no one noticed while inspecting my gear (which we all do all of the time)! Being called out on that would have been a disaster! I can hear them laughing and even telling the story a year from now — but I was not caught! Whew! Don’t tell anyone.

Now, the good part of the story is that tomorrow I’ll show up with the proper weapon which means a huge +320 intellect stat that I did not have before. A massive upgrade over my mistake and, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement in my HPS numbers!

Shhhhh. We’ll keep this little mistake to ourselves, okay?

2 thoughts on “I’m So Embarrassed!

  1. This is hilarious xD

    My closest example would be winning a 194 warrior weapon from world quest to replace 146 and walking happy until I realised – examining spherule rewards in a while, yes – that it was actually 1H. You’re supposed to wield both 2H or both 1H unless you want a dramatic power loss.

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  2. Another way to spin this is… “even using an AGI stick you were still mid-tier in healing numbers.” Meaning your skill out-ranks your lower performing member(s) who have appropriate stat-bats. I.E. further proof that you are a bad-ass.

    How about them apples? 😉

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