PvP Pet Battles: Again

It feels like there is a bit of a lull in content right now. So I’ve picked up doing the PvP Pet Battles again. I’ve not played this stuff since at least the drop of this expansion. I run hot and cold. And, while I enjoy it, I’ll admit that I am really terrible at them!

Here is why I suck at pet battling:

  1. I don’t use addons. There are addons that will tell you your opponent’s spell choices and I don’t like the idea. It feels a little like cheating though it would more likely even the playing field.
  2. I loathe stock comps. There are plenty of websites that offer up some very powerful teams. I see them all of the time and if you feel like you need them to win, then I want you to. Running stock comps over and over to win a pet battle must fill some deep hole of insecurity and if you need a boost, so I am glad for you to have it.
  3. I have more fun making teams and trying them out than my need to win. I like trying the new pets of this expansion like (I think it’s called) the Death Seeker from Torghast. I like trying three Squirkys. It is silly and fun and different.
  4. I suck because I am impatient. The wait times can be up to five minutes for a single battle and even if I am herbing, holding my team’s moves in my head while waiting drives me nuts. So, I will quit and reset if it goes over two minutes.

So I am at it again. I am currently around 670 wins with level 25 pets. The goal is 1000 for the title and achievement. I think maybe by this time next year I’ll reach it.

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