WoW: My Failing Strategy

I need to re-think everything in how I play this World of Warcraft.

My initial strategy was to take four characters and assign them to each zone so that I could experience the game design. And, I was glad that there was not a horde version, four would do it.

And I am close, I have a character deep in the Night Fae and a second deep in the Bastion. I have one with a few campaign quests left in Maldraxxus and one character who just dinged 60 in Sinfall.

But, if I do a Calling that takes, let’s say, thirty minutes, then I’ll do that exact same run on my next toon and then the next and I am not ready to repeat on the fourth. And when I’m done on the third, I’m done playing.

My warning sign is that on my first toon I opened the final Anima Conductor last week and I’ve not gone to even check out the new stuff. There is a, so I’ve read, a Night Fae enhancement thing and a big nasty group boss; but I’ve never gone over to see.

So, somehow I guess, I need to park my third and fourth until I’ve served my first thoroughly. I do want to see what the game has to offer but I also want to raid and chase my professions. I’ve done all the pet battle stuff except Safari and some of the treasures will wait until flying. Its the tedious third (or fourth) go at the same set of WQs that is turning into “no fun”.

I need to re-think on how I want to spend my WoW time.

As of now, I’m thinking that once I complete all of the buildings on my first that I might be able to skip the Callings on that one and then focus on completing the next ones. But, I dunno.

10 thoughts on “WoW: My Failing Strategy

  1. I’m running with a similar strategy, and I haven’t even gotten as far as you have with my set of characters, and I’m feeling a lot of the same things you are.

    I’ll do a full Calling + additional WQs that I like doing and have decent rewards run with the Venthyr Mage, then do a few things (but not a full run) with the Night Fae Druid. Thinking of trying to do all the same things with five characters is too much!

    Lately, I’ve been grinding rep and Anima hard with my Venthyr Mage. I just want to be Done with reputation. And she has a relatively short list, compared to my Night Fae Druid, of Anima collectibles she wants to acquire — and I just want to be Done with that, too. I want to be Done with the Venthyr Mage so that I can bench her and turn my attention to the other Covenants (whose designated characters are languishing, mostly still not even fully leveled) in series, rather than trying to do them in parallel.

    I, too, have been feeling blah about the Anima Conductor. I have the third and fourth streams reinforced with both the Venthyr Mage and the Night Fae Druid, but I’m pretty much ignoring the activities associated with them, and I don’t plan to upgrade to the third stage at all. In fact, for my remaining characters, I’m thinking about just doing the first stage of the Anima Conductor and only reinforcing the stream to the Treasure.

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  2. I know when I finally got 40 renown I was relieved. That was over with. In my mind I thought what could they possibly do, add another 10, maybe 20 in the upcoming patch? But nope, a big ole 40 more, and I just don’t want to bother. The bonus gold is decent, but I feel detached from the story. And I most certainly will not be doing the vampire dinner party nonsense ever. To be honest, I haven’t done anything except log my character in for 2 hours just to make an appearance once a week. He just sits in the covenant area afk.

    I knew deep down that I would not like the theme of the expansion, and the only reason I chose vampires was the coloring of the zone did not give me a headache looking at the screen. There isn’t anything that’s pulling me in to want to invest time doing.

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  3. Well done on doing the same WQ on two or three… I have 4 60s all completed the campaigns, but the limited WQs and the insistence of Blizzard to make each covenant do the SAME WQ quests every day, means I can’t face it more than once, gave up pet collecting in Legion because it’s ALL fluff and filler; same big name pets and ones you’re NEVER going to use. I did buy the Revendreth pet – it’s a gravestone, I was annoyed with myself for buying it, until I saw it flying on a little bat mount.

    If I wasn’t still attempting old content for mounts, I doubt I’d play more than two hours a night, and I was getting close on dropping that; all the boring sitting around waiting or playing the same raids over and over, but I just got Invincible (finally) so I’m still here plugging away… Although saying that I haven’t logged in, for four days, there’s simply nothing compelling about this expac, it all just feels so, lazy and half-arsed.

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    • Grats on Invincible! The way I look at it, I’m paying a monthly fee and I want my money’s worth; so, I think I need to redesign how I play. One of the main reasons I log in is to see my amigos on raid nights or to try and convince someone to run a Torghast with me. Having people on Discord really helps.

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      • Yeah sorry I get a bit grumpy sometimes lol… I have since revisited the pets and done shadowlands safari this morning >.<

        Legion is gonna be a slog tho

        I think it's mostly due to the nature of my gameplay these days… I don't do guilds after years of drama and grief lol, it's almost entirely solo play, so I live vicariously through your runs, for all the content I'm missing; love your blog =)

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  4. I’m an altoholic who only leveled one character thus far. So warning signs aplenty here… I just don’t find this fun. And I was committed to the idea of running one character per covenant… but I just… idk. I do log on each day and mostly do old stuff for transmogs [after the dailies]

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