10,000 Polished Pet Charms

I think that I’m the only one nuts enough to go for it. Here is the headline posted on Wowhead:

Special Rainbow Effects Added to Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm – 10,000 Polished Pet Charm Battle Pet.

No one I’ve talked to is going to try, they kind of scoff at the idea. But, I mean, really, why not?

Let’s take a tally. I am currently at 3650 PPC, a third of the way there. The patch is at least a month away. And I have Alts. Boy do I have Alts. I have three camped (or left behind) in Boralus and they don’t mind visiting Nazjatar or Mechagon or either of the two major zones. I have five characters in Shadowlands. I have three with engineering and can “pop” over to the two big BfA zones.

I can choose PPC as rewards off of the mission board now too.

So, I need 6350. The rewards seem to range from 15 to 20 charms, so lets say 15 for the math. I only need to do 423.333333333 pet battles that reward charms! To do it in 30 days, I’d need to do 14 a day (and that is a bit too much). So, let’s hope that the patch is longer than a month.

When you have this pet out, occasionally you get the prismatic rainbow buff on you. How can you resist?

So, am I the only one nuts enough to try for it? How about you?

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