More Polished Charms

It has taken nine days to earn 2400 battle pet polished charms. And there were a few times when I spent way too much time on it. So, lets be reasonable about it and do better at picking and choosing and time management. I am now right at 6000, stack height is 1000 (and they look pretty nice in my bank).

Confidence is high that I’ll reach 10,000 by the patch drop date and if I don’t; that’s okay too.

What has been surprising to me is the number of players still in BfA. The times I went over to Mechagon for a pet battle, the /general chat channel as been active. I see players in Boralus. Others must be doing the same as me when I see several players at a distant pet battle in Voldun.

I did a Throne of Thunder run and was very pleased to get the Son of Animas battle pet. This will be needed for one of the raid achievements in the Castle! So, a rare drop finally dropped. So you remember the rare spawn outside of the ToT raid entrance? I think it may drop a mount — there were eight players waiting for the spawn (I stopped and counted)!

So: I am reporting to you – it can feel like Shadowlands is empty with only a couple of players running around when you do stuff. Forget not that this is a huge game with many expansions and players are all over the place in the many different zones.

Spring as arrived, the rose bushes are in bloom.

5 thoughts on “More Polished Charms

  1. For that i think Blizzard should add more content to old zones, because when new expansion run out of content players can go to old content and do whatever they want, when they don’t find anything to do they will leave for other games.

    Son of Animus dropped for me twice, i remember offering one for a random player who was suspicious of my offer, didn’t take it, tried to sell it in AH but no one bought it, so vendor it in the end.

    Good luck with the charms 🙂

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  2. Lots of other reasons why there aren’t so many people out in the world can be stuff like, some doing auctions, waiting on dungeon or pvp queues, it’s not always the best indicator that no one is around you, doing the same things you are; SO much stuff to do and ways to play this game >…<

    Well done on 6K btw!

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