Glory of the Nathria … Whatever

Okay then. Our guild raid team got the AotC and decided to do an achievement run. Now, please remember that there is no title or mount for AotC on this raid. But there is a mount for the achievement run. And we got it. All in one night.

Looking through the achievement list, I have about 20 “Glory of” achievements, both dungeons and raids. Not all of them but I do go way back, I have Northrend Dungeonmaster dated at 2009. So I’ve played this achievement game.

We have addons now. That is a huge difference. In the many years past, we’d rely on some garbled and confusing comment on Wowhead on how to get an achievement on a specific boss. Then we’d try and maybe collectively wipe to reset our chance or sometimes you’d not know and kill the boss and not get it and have to wait for another week.

It seems that most raid achievements fall into two categories: Thank Your Tanks or Thank Your Healers. It is almost never a DPS thing, it is usually some task that can take a long time (with lots of long heals). And the typical move is to finish the heroic run and then go back to normal with your top-end gear to try these goofy things.

For Nathria, we have addons now. They list who has or has not “done the thing” like collecting flowers and then picking up anima orbs on the generals. A full description is built-in and can be posted in party chat if you want. And there is a big raid warning when it is okay to unload and dps the boss down. A lovely thing to have.

So, on Friday we did a full run in one night and got the mount. It was fun and festive as it should be. We are over-powered and cocky. It was fun automatically preparing for a punishing heroic mechanic and laughing when it’s not there at all in normal. It is very (very) good for our guild to get a big wall of achievements and a few cheers from the non-raiders.

The frustration is gone. The thrill is not as great. The group screen-cap outside the raid on our new mounts is always fun. Check it off of the to-do list for Shadowlands!

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