New Patch: Day Two

Well, this game sure is a bag and time filler. A few days ago, a friend asked me:

Mi Amigo: What is the very first thing you are going to do when the patch drops?

Me: Update my addons.

Mi Amigo: Boooooooo

As it was, I had logged out prior right by the pet vendor to get my 10,000 polished pet charms pet! First things first, right? And, the rest ran smoothly; no hiccups, no DCs, clean cut scenes – the play went well.

I won’t go into too much but my big goal was to reach Renown 42 and get a new conduit slot by tonight’s raid on H. Sire. Maybe that will make the difference. So, I pushed on rares in the Maw, all the while mentally composing snarky suggestions to the designers. But, I got it!

And now, I think, a few alts to follow and then settle into the routine.

I did do two torghast runs at level 9. You can buy a toy from the broker called Experimental Anima Cell which is really really a great toy, really. You can use it anywhere and those around you can use it. It is an Anima Cell with choices like Dressing Up (I got Gilnean), or a portal to somewhere in Azeroth (beware!) or grow super big but you can’t move (but you can /dance!).

I am so very glad that this patch has arrived and that there is stuff to do!

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