The New Torghast

All things old are made new again. Torghast has some added bells and whistles, it is harder but I think that the designers would want to say challenging. Layer nine is no joke and ten, eleven and twelve are higher that my ilevel so I think that I’ll be in nine for weeks to come.

There is a new point system. There are up to five stars or jewels that you can show for a run; so far I have earned a two, three and four. They even offer a break down after the run of where and how you earned your points which then earn you a currency that you put into a talent tree to make your future runs easier.

My first impression is that while there are all of these new added elements, Blizzard isn’t asking us to take to too seriously. Can’t down the final boss? Well, go try again, he’ll have less health from your first try. Again, my first impression is that it would be really hard to fail so bad that you feel bad about yourself (unless maybe your tried to play way over your gear score and you should accept that kind of failure with grace).

The talent tree is nice. You can earn blessings or auto-loot or fewer torments which you will always have in the future. The key, bait and lure and carrot is that you’ll want to earn your weekly currency to advance that talent tree and, someday, walk like a goddess through the game.

They dropped a floor and with one less floor to clear, it is much faster to get through. Doing the second one right after the first is not a big thing like it was before when you needed a sure break for your back and eyes. But, again I feel like I have to remind all, layer nine is no joke; even the mawrats take some time to kill.

For me, I think that the funnest flavors (sorry) will be the blessings. One blessing was that once a mob was down to 40%, there is a 40% chance of the mob dying right then. Another was fun, you can kill the broker after spending your phantasma and loot the broker for even more goodies.

Blizzard spent some good time on the redesign. I liked Torghast before and I think that I’ll like it even more as I fill my talent tree and get stronger and faster (and earn some achievements, of course).

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