The Week We Fly

What was so unexpected to me is that the flying quest chain had nothing to do with flying and was a very cool campaign quest full of surprises and fun. I almost balked at carrying the Sigil, don’t give me that responsibility! But I am the Mawalker, it is my job.

The solution is pretty good and it’s been a worry to the designers and players. Having players fly up and over mobs to get to the goodies is not good design even as we relish the ability. Flying has you miss the scenery and the little bits and whimsy tucked into the corners. So, this time, we get a new zone and the solution is to let us fly in the older areas that are done. We do get some great satisfaction of soaring right over those pesky mobs that have been hassling us as we try to get the big World Quests. And we explore Korthia on the ground, looking for water; any water at all.

Torghast. Well, it is what it is. If you are doing it, my suggestion is to only put one point in each talent and open the row below you and repeat to fill out the tree; then go back and max the talents that you really like first. I didn’t do it and I’m paying a (small) price in waiting for the next week to earn enough Tower Knowledge.

I’ve earned four stars on layer nine, so layer ten is open but the ilevel is pretty high and my talent tree is pretty low so I’m sticking to nine. However, I needed only 34 Tower Knowledge to cap this week and ran a humble layer seven and got the five star achievement!

I do not know the mechanics of how it works, but if I can get decent Tower Knowledge from layer sevens; I think I might be running those easier and less stressful ones to farm the stuff for the talent tree. Like, how much less do you earn on seven versus nine? I don’t know that yet. Though I do think that you must earn more for more stars, so seven could be more profitable with five stars instead of nine with three stars. Ugh, this kind of thinking is too much.

The raid is open. We got three bosses down and a few shots at the fourth. The team was excited and yelling on Discord and laughing (can I say full of joy?). New content is super welcome, believe you me.

See you in Azeroth … or Shadowlands!

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