Blizzard’s Lawsuit and Me

I guess it is really Activision, if you are going to sue, you don’t sue the janitor, you sue the guys at the top. I’ve read the lawsuit and I mucked about in the forums for a bit yesterday. I read some thoughtful blog posts too.

Of course, I’ll keep playing the World of Warcraft.

The company had, I guess, a very weak HR. I mean, were people really drinking at work? If so, no wonder it got so bad! But, they are very publicly busted and they will clean up the place. As I read it, it is two things: sexual harassment and non-equal pay with unfair promotions. The two things are not easy to clean up and it will be hard but it will be the right thing to do and all will feel much better for it.

Personally, I’m not the type to get up in arms about much of anything. I am assuming that those with the torches and pitchforks demanding things in outrage don’t wear shoes made in China. It is too hard, for me, to keep track of the many things that cross my path. Child labor in China is pretty bad and no one can bust them with a lawsuit. This isn’t to say that I don’t have lines, I can’t watch Kevin Spacey movies anymore.

So, we know that Blizzard will clean up it’s act. Reading the lawsuit, there are a ton of questions that came up in my mind. I’ll be curious if we ever get to find out the details, I don’t think that everyone working at Blizzard is a bad person. But, when you have a bunch of all-men in leadership I can see how it can get pretty bad, just look at our Senate and Congress.

I even have a bad analogy for you. When you buy a steak at the grocery, you are all happy because it looks great and you will eat a yummy dinner. But if you ever saw a slaughterhouse or a meat-packing plant, that glimpse behind the scenes might give you pause for awhile. But, if you like your steak, you’ll get over it. Pretty bad analogy, right?


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