The RNG Sting

Broadly, I don’t mind the random nature of loot drops. In my mind it is like an ice cube tray, they all get filled eventually and if one doesn’t, well, that’s okay because all of the others did. The random loot drop system has worked fine for me for quite awhile.

Until you need one specific piece.

This is different than hoping for the final piece to collect your set (or maybe not, really). I guess it is exactly like waiting for that final piece. Once you do finally get it, you forget about the hassle pretty quickly.

In my case and for very many, it is about the raiding helm. This is the key to unlocking the Unholy Buff called Chaos Bane. And, I’ll do most anything to get it.

Last week we went 9/10 on Normal so this week I had two solid chances via the Great Vault to get my helm from Remnant in Wing Two and Fatescribe in Wing Three. No luck so I ran the LFR. No luck again and I ran my typical run of Normal with my raid team. No luck at all.

I’m not sure how the Armory counts kills, it has ten kills of Remnant on Normal for me. I might have run with another raid team having already killed that boss with now no hope of loot but it might counted as a kill. But ten is ten with no helm!

I am running with the Frost set. I tried the Blood set and it does zero for healers (tanks love this set). The Frost set is kind of strange but it doesn’t help my healing much either. Unholy is the grail for healers right now as I see it. I have three of the shards upgraded to level three, waiting to go!

Like I said, RNG is fine for me but when wanting that specific piece: it is disappointing. Until I get it and then I’ll forget about it!

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