Another Week, Another Great Vault

Do you want to hear some swearing? Try being in Discord and getting loot one boss before your desired boss! Actually it really sounds like “Ka-” as you take your finger off the push-to-talk button. This is the time in the raid where one piece of gear makes all of the difference. The rest of the gear might get passed on to someone but more likely will be vendored.

I can’t say “all” but for my four characters who wear mail or leather, the best place to put your legendary is in the legs slot because of the higher stats. So, anytime legs drop from a boss, it is vendored. Hence the griping and moaning and the occasional curse word, especially if it is right before the boss that you want loot from. No one gets back-to-back drops, it feels like one out of six, maybe.

Not to say that I am fuming all of the time. Not at all. I’m having fun going through the process. Whether it is my main who has already started some raiding on the heroic level or my fresh 60 in all Korthite Armament gear who can barely step into the LFR, all are wanting to get the Domination Socket buffs and play the game as designed.

Chaos Bane is from the helm. Of my four, one has the helm and it is my profession alt who likes to skin leather. And I am excited to get it on all of my guys (come on Great Vault!), the blue swirling around me as Chaos Bane is ramping up is terrific and fun.

So: my main has run the two LFR wings that drop the helm and will complete the normal run tonight. My next-top alt is a hunter and she’s run the one wing that drops two helms and did a normal run up to KT. My other two did the LFR runs, one has Chaos Bane and the other got only shards, no socket pieces.

Sylvanas? Nine stacks of Determination, that is a 45% buff to damage, health and healing. In phase one it doesn’t matter at all, it is timed or something because we should have melted it but did not, we saw that same mechanics every time (with nine wipes, I’d know phase one). The major problems that we had with Sylvanas is players falling off of the bridge (there are a lot of people and ground clutter, it can be hard to merely see the bridge) and getting the interrupt off before she casts Ruin at the end of the bridge. Knowing what to do and actually getting there in time wiped us many times.

This was on my fresh alt, all those stacks. My alt won a shard and a renown after about 90 minutes of trying to keep these random strangers hopeful and amused. In normal, our raid team blows right through Sylvanas now that we know the fight and there are only 12 of us. Easily done, we feel cocky when we drop over to heroic and start on those beginning bosses.

So — once again, all my hopes lie in the Great Vault on Reset Tuesday. C’mon helm piece, my shards are already powered up and ready to go!

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