Shadowlands Raid Mechanics

I think that they have done a terrific job this time. In the past raids, going back a while, it felt like the designers kept stacking mechanics to make it harder with no real over-all design. The current raid, SoD, seems so much better and has new stuff and old stuff.

The first boss should be a cake walk. Giving us anima cells and a Torghast boss fits perfectly. The second boss is comfortable with stacking and then splitting the raid, we’ve done this and know what to do. The third boss is easy also but it is getting a little harder with the pressure to dispel on the healers.

And so on throughout the raid. We see new things like the spikes and maze marching across the space but we’ve seen those rolling balls before so we are not totally overwhelmed. Racing to avoid Torments and killing adds is new in design but old in execution, which is part of what makes these designs work so well.

The puzzle boss is a LFR killer. The designers got a little too tricky, I think. That you have to make a quick choice on direction and needing a second player to go the other way is too much, the timer is rough.

KT is old school stuff and choosing a group to jump to another place is something we’ve done before. Stacks and adds and AoE damage might look new but we know what to do.

Jaina is wonderful on normal and a nightmare on the LFR.

Now I am into the heroic version with the first three bosses easily done as a good design should provide. Along with the higher HP and need for higher dps and heals, there is one new mechanic added. The fourth boss, the one on the round platform with the knock-backs is hard right now; in heroic it is two quick-timed dispels for the two knock-backs but we’ll get it and it will be old news soon enough.

I still grumble at the trash with boss moves. I think that after a boss kill that we need to relax a little bit. I think that we need more BoE drops (Ion said that they’d pay for guild repairs). That they sprinkled in some much-desired stygian ember into the trash run kind of makes it all better, until we don’t need that stuff anymore.

All in all, a very good raid. My only reservation is that we’ll finish it on heroic way before the next raid and patch comes along!

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