3/10 Heroic Solid

The “push” part of this expansion is over. The shards for chaos bane are maxed. I have yet to earn a helm but Blizzard added a work-around (gloves or waist, I forget) so it doesn’t matter because I am maxed. Professions are maxed to the point where mats are stockpiling with feasts in abundance. Pet and mount and toy hunting will always continue.

We are stuck as a raid team on the fourth boss. But not for long. It is all about learning some pesky mechanics. With the shard buffs, we are over-powered with the healers chipping in on the dps to pass the time. Upgrading your shards is recommended, please keep them leveled up as a group because the proc is based on the lowest shard of the three.

And so the Grander Plan begins to unfold. Alts! With the Queen’s Conservatory reduced to routine, it is time to look to the Ember Court. And stitching monsters. And something in Bastion which is currently baffling and needs much better quest text and I’ll be bummed following some guide on Wowhead.

As far as “time spent” my three alt covenant guys are sort of LFR geared with one very strong and the others catching up. This is so that I can do the things required. Taking these alts to Korthia for the much greater anima rewards has pushed the systems forward, once they can survive Korthia which they can do now. Using stygia on my main to purchase Korthian Armaments meant that my freshest alt stepped into 200 gear and was off to the races.

My main has bought everything cosmetic possible with the greater offerings pending renown gating. The intention is to do the same with the three alts though I doubt my own diligence to do the gifts dailies to stockpile them before reputation and renown makes them available. Finding the vendors is a task; the night fae has three or four vendors so it must be the same for the others.

So, I’d not call it quite a lull. If it were my main only, it’d be a lull big time. But I have ambition to see the other covenants and then embrace the changes with the new patch coming (maybe November?).

And I do love it. My freshest Alt is in Revendreth and doing the introductory campaign. At first he could barely survive a fight but he could hop over things with flying. Getting high enough to enter the LFR and pick up some rings, trinkets and a weapon made everything much easier. Using the Revendreth special mechanic (it’s like a shadow step, I guess) makes it very easy to get to those pesky treasures in the trees in Korthia! How satisfying.

So, as far as game progress goes, I am 3/10 on heroic with a very long time to the next raid. As for the rest, there is a lot to do to see how the game design plays out in the other covenants.

Happy Hunting!

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