LFR Hero

The game moves on. My main is at 5/10 Heroic with that number 5 an “only once so far” as it is a tough one. We struggle to field ten players sometimes. It feels like so many have lost interest in the game and this has all happened before.

The big push to collect Stygian Embers is over. My main has almost filled out all of the shards and so no need to go to the LFR to pick up the stray bosses not seen on our regular raiding nights. And you can see it and feel it, the shift in the culture in the LFR.

The raiding “elitist jerks” are not there any more with their sole motive of getting in and out as quickly as possible. So that leaves everyone else including me on my Alts. These are the players who are there for the fun of it. Last week we were wiping on Sylvanas in the LFR. One player demanded that we kick another player (who responded, “Me? What, why me?”). The accused had wiped the raid and was a “tard”. The LFR promptly kicked the outraged demander and kept the quiet player who may or may not have been guilty. I loved that.

I’ve become more sensitive to the VtK. I used the Suggestion Box to request a five minute hold on any VtK at the beginning of each wing; my reasoning is that if you have to wait an hour to get into the raid, you might have to take care of some natural business at home and to return to see that you’ve been kicked just sucks. And I say it now in Raid Chat, we are so accustomed to kicking the laggers because we are in a hurry (because the jerks are in a hurry, really) that we need to re-think the impact of what we have been doing automatically without much thought.

I have some thoughts on New World. It is the new MMO game from Amazon with lots of interest and some of our raiders have tried it and talked about it in Discord. I am not a fan of Amazon, period. They are too big, they are Big Brother and know everything about you, they will TELL you that it is a good popular game because they control the discussion. I can dig it if Amazon saved you during the pandemic, if they delivered your much-needed walnut vanilla coffee that you can’t live without, then they did the hero’s turn. All I know is that I have moved three times and Amazon has always known where I am, provided me with my password and login until I felt it was uncomfortable and I dropped them. The tentacles are wrapped too tight and I quit Amazon!

There is always room for a new game to go explore. New play is great. For me, not from them, I don’t want to support it; they control the message. Paranoid? Tsk, I call it righteous logic!


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