Korthian Payday

I’ll admit skipping the Korthian dailies quite a bit. My main stopped but my new alts enjoyed the anima rewards from the quests. The road to Tier 6 was just too long, tedious and no fun.

But, it had to happen eventually. My main got interested and started killing rares again and the occasional treasure chest in a tree. And, I dinged yesterday. I’d saved up almost 40,000 things (offerings maybe?) and thought I’d never spend all of that stuff.

So, I bought the mount first off.

Then I bought a socket to add to my gear and found that I could buy as many as I wanted! So, I bought three (neck, waist and ring so far).

I bought a token to upgrade my 226 conduits to 239. And found I could buy as many as I wanted and did a run until I was out of currency. It is a random upgrade based on spec and happily my final one was for Convoke (whew!).

Maybe I should have done this ages ago but Korthia felt so dreary. The tooltip says that I can upgrade the conduits to 255 I think. So, that is where my currency is going from now on.

And the most dreary of all but now the reward is worth it, I can prowl as a druid and sneak around and look for chests and dudes with the purple outlines. What a thing to do, what a thing to do in WoW.

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