Patch 9.1.5 and Me

A big patch tomorrow and it is hard (for me) to sift through all of the notes and to figure out what those notes mean to me as a player. But, as ever, anticipating change is a lot of fun.

Speculation is that patch 9.2 will have content on a new zone with new crafting materials. We will see increased volume in our gathering nodes. And, again for me, I have four characters who are actively high enough to do the materials missions and I have stacks of raid feasts; so it will be an embarrassment of riches until the next big patch if I am right and for the now, much less time spent on grindy activities.

For my mains (two raiders), logging into them tomorrow first thing will make the new alt systems unlock as those systems are based on my progress and they are full campaign and renown 80. Wowhead’s comment section tells me that (on the PTR at least) the vendor for the main-to-alt items is right next to the flight point in Oribos, so stop there and see what can be had. I can send my freshest 60 a token to jump up to renown 40 in one swell foop and I can send over anima, of which I feel that I have plenty but those sanctum upgrades are spendy!

The only player power boost that I can see is an increased relic and research item drop in Korthia including a mysterious quest into the rifts for even more. The minor power boost that I see is buying the tokens that increase the ilevel of your conduits. Having been doing the grind in Korthia, most of my conduits are maxed at 252 and it will be great to finish them off. I think my other alts don’t care much at all.

We can buy upgrades to our heirloom gear, but I’ve already put in the time on my characters. I will buy the new flight-point toys for the past expansions to expand my toy collection. It seems to be that since I can already fly in those zones, getting all of the flight points is pretty minor.

If jumping covenants is as easy as it reads, I might do some tourist guest stops and see, but again, I have a character already assigned to each one to see their stuff. Players with only one character might enjoy this feature a lot.

I’m looking forward to this new patch. The Callings quests will drop offerings and that will help my alts buy their cosmetic pieces. Little things like that will be discovered with a smiling surprise and it all starts tomorrow!

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