WoW into the New Year!

First of all, as I type this, I feel that I could be in a Dickens novel. It is very cold outside and I am wrapped in a robe and slippers and have a blanket on my lap. The temps will go up next week but for today: brrrrr!

Everyone seems to play WoW very differently. It’s a big game. I have a person in my guild who runs achievements. And then gets on an Alt and runs them again. Like Ulduar. Or Suramar. Eventually another Alt will run Ulduar again. My guildie is very happy to play this way. I’m a-thinking that it is no more crazy than anything else we might do in an MMO; people play.

At this time, my four characters in each of their covenants have all earned their tmog stuff and pets and mounts. Three of those four are done in Korthia with the conduits upgraded to 252 and have installed sockets. My fourth is still faithful and is also a skinner, so gold abounds on my account.

The key, for me, in Korthia is to not race through the dailies but to dally about a little bit and get the rares. This is not a whole lot more time. Gather up three or four hundred relics and buy your conduit upgrade and find another paragon cache perhaps. To max out the conduits means more player power and I like that.

My main has something like 700 grateful offerings. I am not sure how it works but I might change covenants and (if) all my stuff transfers over, I’ll buy the leather tmog stuff from a different covenant. I do need to look into some article to see how all of that works; I’d hate to leave my earnings on the floor and left behind.

Raiding is part of my social life. I look forward to gathering up and we do talk about our lives; mostly about our ailments! Gallbladder surgery or our covid boosts and things like that. Slow computers count as ailments. It is very hard in WoW right now to sustain a group. We are still stuck in the middle of heroic SoD. It is frustrating but also a sign of the times, I read that Riot Games got hit with a big lawsuit much like the one on WoW. I wonder if there will be a righteous exodus from their products as well. My guess is that, like Lady Macbeth, no one’s hands are clean. Out damn spot!

Patch 9.2 will come soon enough. And with it a new raid, hooray. I feel that I am ready for some new content though I have unfinished business in Korthia on one character. I’ve tackled most of the toys, pets and mounts but not all of the achievements.

Achievement running, for me, kind of sucks in design. You look through your achieve list and see which ones are partially done already and decide to finish it up — then you look it up on Wowhead and follow the coordinates offered and do what they say. Not much fun. Blizzard has to design the achievements with Wowhead in mind because that is their pact with the devil. Very little discovery or delight. But, the flash announcement is satisfying.

Another way to play WoW is gold running. After donating a bunch to our guild vault for guild repairs and throwing some about for whatever I still am up around 4.3 million gold. I like watching that number go up, simple as pie. The Callings do pay off and the mission boards can too. When I had four characters in Korthia I was selling those Korthian stone things and doing even better. The nice side was the Korthian armor drops which go to my upcoming Alts who will step right into 200 ilevel gear; pretty nice.

And that is that! There is still plenty in WoW to keep me entertained. Right now is the first time I’ve felt that it is slowing down to a real lull. Happy New Year, y’all.

Stay warm!

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