WoW on Tuesday: Patch 9.2

WoW on Tuesday: Patch 9.2

Hooray for some new scenery!

We’ll be visiting the lands of the First Ones, I think. Avoiding a lot of the data-mining means that I don’t really know much about our upcoming experiences. I have a distant fear that it might be the Wall-E patch with cute little robots saying “ahhh” and “ooooh”. I sure hope not!

The First Ones kind of came out of nowhere. An off comment in one of the cut scenes is all that I remember. This isn’t Titans or Void Lords, folk we’ve know about. It should be fun to learn about these guys.

My plan is to log out Monday night with my five characters all in the professions area in Oribos. I’ll want the new recipes right away. Then I’ll heed the call to a new zone. And, I’ll probably ignore the first quests to run everywhere (will there be flight paths?) and see the new zones before getting down to the story and rep grind and all the new systems.

I know we’ll have tier sets but don’t know how to get them. I know that we’ll have two legendaries but don’t know how to get them. I even know that we make mounts and pets by finding reciepes, somewhere in there.

So, to sum up: I’m excited to see new stuff but have not looked much at Wowhead for advance information. I’ll happily stumble about for a while, I think.


4 thoughts on “WoW on Tuesday: Patch 9.2

  1. Without spoilers, so you have a rough idea…

    * tier sets will be similar to the old tokens from back in the day. No longer Vanq, Conq, and Prot… but 4 token types with 3 classes each. Drops from the raid. Great Vault can give you tier item in Raid, Mythic, PvP rows.

    * around week 8, you’ll be able to create tier by using Epic season 3 gear and a new currency. A form of bad luck protection and alt catchup.

    * If your tier item came from Mythic+ or PVP, you can upgrade them with Valor or Conquest.

    * week 5, you’ll get a mult-pass leggo belt. It is your covenant leggo regardless of your cov. Prior to getting this, single leggos only. Double leggos are multi-pass and any 1 other non-cov leggo. The free leggo belt is iLevel 265 (rank 6.01) and not upgradeable to rank 7

    * at revered reputation, you’ll be able to get a memory that will let you craft the multi-pass on any gear slot.

    * the pets/mounts you’ll figure out as you progress the story line.

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  2. I’m glad you are excited. At this point I’ve effectively walked away. I log in once a week, collect and send out a mission, activate a tower, some guild maintenance, and that’s it. I’ve tried to get into the new zone, tried doing more of the maw, but I’m so far behind it’s not even worth doing a world boss. When I try to do something relaxing like fishing, I end up fighting something, and sometimes dying. It’s just not fun. My wife has logged in twice in the last 5 months, it’s 2 hours of racing around doing chores before we can do anything. At most she has said maybe she would like doing some really old content for achievements. She can’t even pet battle unless I’m with her standing guard because everything has some tough creatures nearby that will kill you on your own. Neither of us have been a fan of the story or theme. I don’t think there will be a 10.0 purchase at this point. And it’s not because of all the Activision issues, or the sale.

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