WoW: Passive Gold

WoW: Passive Gold

The way World of Warcraft is designed, a player will make gold by playing the game. You should earn, modestly, enough to pay for repairs and the odd little things that you come across in the game. I think that is what the goblins call “passive gold”.

The Shadowlands expansion has been pretty great at earning gold by doing the Callings which give about 1900g a day and then the occasional paragon cache which gives under 4000g. Being consistent with that single task will make sure that you have gold in your coffers.

I am selective now that I’ve seen the Callings many times, so I choose the quick one (3 broker coins, for example) and I do it on four and, sometimes, five characters. This has paid off well for me and a nod that there is gold to be earned inside of those Calling’s tasks.

And, I don’t feel like a true goblin because I only dabble in the AH; rarely buying but putting up some odd mats when I’m tired of seeing stacks in my Reagent Tab. And, I’m sitting on about 5.4 million gold on my server. So, that might seem like a lot to you or it might not.

The purpose of this post is cautionary. We have a new zone that is fun to play. We won’t be buying a lot of mounts but, instead, be making them; if we choose to chase that goal (something like 40 mounts and 40 pets to make). Our specific goal, as I understand it today in week two of the patch, is to earn enough Cosmic Flux to pay for our Legendary. My glance at Wowhead says that we need 2000 and I’m at 6000 in week two, so no one is in for a terrible grind. You could get in and out and be done.

You won’t earn passive gold in the new zone. At best the occasional quest will reward 247g or thereabouts. If you are depending on the game to sustain your playtime, this zone won’t do it.

You might start posting mats looted from dead mobs or herbs, which is tedious pre-flight (we get flying on March 15th). That active gold-making means that you are competing in the Auction House which you might not like but it will give some pay off.

This week I decided to keep a close eye on the Callings and, if they are quick and painless, do them on my four or five characters. 10,000g in a day (or hour) doesn’t suck. This does take me away from the new zone when I want to be there but I think it is necessary and the ride is a well-worn groove.

One last note. While we are in pre-flight mode and ground bound in the new zone, there is one toy that will zip you up into the air and let you use a goblin glider to find that out-of-reach treasure.

Borr-Geth’s Fiery Brimstone
Binds when picked up
Use: Draw power from this fragment of Borr-Geth, summoning a pillar of flame underneath your feet and sending yourself flying into the air. Can only be used in The Maw. (20 Min Cooldown)

The other toys like the anti-gravity well or the rocket helmet won’t work. The comet toy from Legion will throw you across the zone but you have almost no control, but it is wicked fun to do.

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