WoW: Legendary Excitement

WoW: Legendary Excitement

Tuesday was a big day.

The servers came up about twenty minutes before Reset. I decided to start taking my Alts over to the new World Boss. The Great Vault was packed with players; excited and early, waiting on their gear chances from running raids or dungeons. In ZM, there was a crowd around Bolvar, waiting for the new quest line to get our second legendary unlocked, a covenant belt and the Mastery of Unity token that would open up putting that second legendary on any piece of gear.

You can’t tell me that this game is dead. Not with that many players on my medium sized server, online and waiting for the go. I ran the quest line twice, on my Main and on my hunter Alt. The first was crowded with players and the second not so much (later in the day); the game mechanics ran perfectly. They gave us what we wanted; a short run, robots to ride upon and boulders to push into holes. Best of all, for me, is seeing my character in the cut-scene, I love that.

Now equipped with two legendary pieces at 291, I ran the LFR on Tuesday night and got my second tier piece. On Wednesday I asked our Raid Leader to run logs so I could see what was what with my new systems in place.

It was kind of as expected. The tier gives me passive (proccing off of rejuve) spells which add to my mastery and it totals up to 5% to 6% more to my overall heals. I’d guess that it is true for all over the players across the board; everyone got a 5% boost to their game, maybe some more from the legendary set-up.

Several of the boss fights are pretty much on farm, we are doing Normal, so on those fights my healing numbers were very high and my parse on the logs looked great. On progression fights it was not quite so clean, as expected.

Blizzard did a good job. Everyone is excited to play and the players feel powerful. In video games the hero must always feel powerful!

Early on I was worried about the complexity of layering systems on top of my base game. I have plenty of buttons to push already, thank you very much. I am used to having Convoke in my rotation and the two Tier set is passive. We’ll see how much the four piece Tier set trips me up, I’ve done my homework, I just need the set and it will come soon enough I’m sure.

All in all, I think we are pretty happy!

4 thoughts on “WoW: Legendary Excitement

  1. I’m super stoked with the double leggo. I’m curious which leggo(s) you’re using.

    I’d been running the mother tree (wild growth has a chance to make your next rejuv/regrowth duplicate on 3 others). I just crafted Verdant Infusion (swift mend doesn’t consume hot and increases duration on all hots on target by 10 sec) and unending growth (rejuv heals have chance to spawn more rejuvs) so I can play with those too.

    Also curious what slots you put yours on? I’ve got unity on neck. For resto, that lets me use bracers/cloak/feet for mother tree / verdant infusion / unending growth. For balance, ring/feet for arcanic pulsar / balance of all things.

    Intel druids are SUUUUUUUPER lucky with their leggo options. Intel Shamans… well… not so much.

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