WoW: Creation Catalyst

WoW: Creation Catalyst

We’ve been waiting! Today is our big chance to take a piece of gear and convert it to a much-needed tier piece.

I made a mistake, of course. I assumed that the cypher gear that we earn in ZM would be able to convert but that is not the case. I had two pieces from the raid and one piece from the LFR. The Great Vault proved to be not-so-great again.

And I was upset some. Not a lot but bummed might be a better word. I went back and re-read all of the rules on Wowhead. And eventually made a 246 sandworn relic piece, a helm, that could be converted. So, I dropped my 252 ilevel down to 246 and another 252 ilevel down to the 239 LFR piece. And now I have the four-piece. And it did not feel like a moment of great victory. I wish that it had.

I almost made another mistake. Only my cloak was lit up as a conversion choice. I drummed my fingers, this was the obvious thing to do; it was lit up. But cloaks are not tier, I almost used my much-valued conversion on tmog.

This patch has two distinct but really not-so-specifc-on-the-surface systems. All of the fun-time played in ZM to upgrade your console and inserting fun things in the sockets do nothing to help you in raiding except that the speed socket insert is great in raids; but those pieces can not convert to tier and so you probably won’t get to use those any more.

Unless you keep dual sets of gear and swap around back-and-forth but why would you drop your tier to play in ZM? And ZM is not useless to raiders, you get the extra legendary and can earn an augment rune.

My guild master calls this patch “unpolished”. A lot of the stuff is there but you find odd holes, I guess that the cypher gear can not be converted is an example.

And that is that. I’ll try to find a Swiftmend counter weak aura to track my big tree triggers so they align with convoke. And probably re-talent to solace and change my play style. I’ve always held my Incarnation: Big Tree with it’s three minute cool-down for emergencies. But if I swap over to solace, my over-all through-put will be much greater and I’ll look fantastic on the meters but, come on: timing three swiftmends to line up with convoke when no one needs healing is bogus healing, it’s padding the meters. Still, I am excited to play and raid with the four-piece! I’ll do a test run in the LFR tonight to practice and then we raid on Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “WoW: Creation Catalyst

  1. To help cheer you up, that 252 -> 246 ilevel drop for one slot and that 252-> 239 ilevel drop for another slot only makes a 1.4 total item level drop in your character overall. The 4 pc will make a huge difference in your throughput, so you’re looking at a huge upgrade.

    My healing lead has had his rdruid 4 piece for a couple resets now (vault, normal, and heroic have been kind to him) and he spends a lot of time cat weaving and still out heals the other healers. You’ll love that bonus. I know I’m looking forward to putting mine to use.

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  2. One of these days I may venture out of the gate again. I didn’t like me initial experience, I died to much to yellow text animals I was supposed to kill. Never went back. Felt too much like a pretty version of the Maw. I’m sure a lot of organized groups of people enjoy doing it. But for solo content, it fell flat with me. Maybe if it had slowly increased in difficulty as you ventured further in, but I was outclassed by basic mobs by myself.

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