WoW: Four Piece Resto-Druid

WoW: Four Piece Resto-Druid

So far, really great!

In our raid, we waltzed and were cocky through the normal bosses up to Anduin. We spent about an hour working on That Guy and then dropped down to try the first boss on heroic.

The other healers didn’t have their four-piece yet, so (for once and briefly) I was the top dog on the meters. And, for the first boss on heroic, there is a stacking phase at the end, a long one, so that suits Druid healing nicely. I was looking good!

And, I won a chest piece on heroic that I could use and will probably use the catalyst to make it a tier piece and swap out the LFR piece in my shoulder slot for a 252 from the cypher guys.

According to the Warcraft Logs, I got off 14 Swiftmends in the fight. Maybe half or more lined up with Convoke, which is the design. Still, my numbers were high. As casual as we are, I hope that everyone puts in a little extra this week to get their four-piece sets and we can finish out normal.


One of my hunters has the four-piece tier set as well! Pure LFR and Sandworn Relics and one stop at the Catalyst (for the relics). It isn’t hard to do and getting there is satisfying. It is fun to be a bit weak again and cautious as I will grow in power.

Since my hunter is following my main, I kind of pick and choose what I want to do with the advantage of doing the stuff before on my druid. This time I’m investing my console into the popopoc buffs; making them last an hour and getting more. They are strong buffs to have early in the exploration and questing phases of ZM.

My initial intention was to have each of my characters in each of the zones. And I’ve done that since the expansion launched. But, my hunter hated the Bastion resonating arrow so, like everyone else, swapped to a new covenant. I chose Night Fae and am happy again.

I bought the renown up to 40 and spent a ton of anima which is easily sent from other characters. But, the drag is finding those lost souls to upgrade the travel, mission, collector and eventually the conservatory. So, I went to Torghast!

I have loved Torghast from the beginning. This hunter had almost completed the talent tree before I gave up on the whole thing. My fury was that I could not keep my pet alive when I got to the higher challenges in Torghast. Doing the Twisted Corridors, I’d get to the upper floors and it was obvious that my pet could not handle it and I was hanging on each cooldown for mend pet. I’d quit after two hours of playing.

Some time or another, I don’t know when, they fixed Torghast! I was shocked to see new (to me) anima powers that buff up your pet’s health (by 15% per anima cell) and damage output and size (for fun). I am most happy now to re-enter Torghast to collect 20 souls on the repeatable quest: I have collected all of the cosmetics and toys long ago, so just do it for fun. I’m fine with that.


And these fresh-to-ZM alts send Genesis Motes and more to my main. I am 21 of 25 pets/mounts towards the achievement without resorting to buying lattices on the AH. I like this mini-game in ZM.


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