WoW and the ZM Model

WoW and the ZM Model

It has been a month since I last posted here, it feels like a week. Maybe there isn’t enough to chat about or maybe my days slip from one into another.

Progress is the first three bosses down on Heroic. That feels about right but we can only guess at the drop date of the next patch. Blizzard loves being coy, I want to plan; and that is that. Our goal is AOTC, lets hope that we make it in time.

My current obsession is on a throw-off statement by Ion in an interview. It could be meaningless or that I read more into it than will prove true when the next expansion arrives. Ion said that the Dragonflight expansion will be based on the ZM model; our current patch.

Zereth Mortis feels like Wow stripped down. This is a good thing. There is no real pressure to fill any bars. The rewards are minimal. Of the five daily quests, two sometimes offer gold as a reward but it might be anima (and I am drowning in anima). These quests are mostly easy “kill ten” or “fly on a frog” type quests, pretty fun but done very quickly. Only two offer rep.

Which makes me wonder (a lot) about life in the next expansion. WoW stripped down means no mission board. The zones are progressive and connected (I think) and probably won’t have Callings. And there is a big push on players making gear with a focused profession hub and many variants on the made gear.

There was no gold sink mount in Shadowlands, the gold sink was the Legendary system. Players sold gear for a ton of gold, those players made bank and crowed about it. Players like you and me spent, maybe, a million gold on gear. That is scary. And, in my opinion, way too much. If I were the King of the World, I’d ban TSM.

With so many unknowns but a tepid fear of lack of gold in Dragonflight, I am running Callings right now and will until the next expansion (perhaps a year from now). It is a mild fear but enough to have me spend some time every morning at reset to run some alts through the system. Happily I am a pet guy so if there are “three quests in bastion” I can do three pet battles in three consecutive days and not sweat it at all.

So, I have almost 6 million gold and I don’t feel like it is enough! I’ve never been a crafter in WoW, I make glyphs and flasks; anticipating a big profession gear system with so many players invested in leveling up the systems with the intention of making gold, a system that has to work for the expansion to be successful — is a lot!

I may be wrong but I do believe that the crafting Work Order system is not part of the Auction House. It will be a powerful mini-Auction House on its own, I think. That might be the only thing that keeps prices reasonable. I don’t know.

So: to recap. Still raiding, on Heroic. Doing a few M+ (it is a culture on its own), near the end of making my pets and mounts and determined to earn some gold by running Callings on four characters until the next expansion, maybe a year from now.

Happy Hunting!

Oh! I did spend 170,000 gold on a transmog piece. I don’t do that but I did. Rhinestone Sunglasses have been my wish and they finally showed up on my server’s AH. I love them, all my characters wear them. It was spendy, but I am happy!


6 thoughts on “WoW and the ZM Model

    • First, Skollex, Artificer — I’d guess that if we duplicate it this week that we’ll swing over to the sausage guy. Even with so many of our team wearing m+ gear, the mechanics are punishing!


      • We found sausage side to be a bit less punishing on heroic than Xy’mox and Hal. As a healer, I love the Pantheon fight. Wishing you and your team good progress this week. /cheers

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  1. I managed to ride into the center of ZM on a bread crumb quest. I turned that in thinking I would need to go back. Nope, go kill this guy over here. Ok, let me just mount up…. The heck? No riding in this area??? Ok, maybe I can sneak past these packs of… oh come on, a follower for the quest and he aggro’s 4 guys……annnd I’m dead. Ran back to get my body, looked clear, rezed and nope. Dead again. Rezed at graveyard, hearthed to the garrison, and that’s where I logged out two weeks ago. Absolutely no desire to log in, and certainly no desire to do ZM. And if the new expansion doubles down on that kind of zone, or gates crafting mats behind mythic dungeons and raids? I’m out.

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  2. Rhinestone Sunglasses is Cata Jewelcrafting item, because of that i never bought it and yet i still don’t have high level jewelcrafter among my alts, 170,000 gold is cheap compared to half a million or more in some servers 🙂

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