Pre-Order Dragonflight

Pre-Order Dragnoflight

For the curious, I have been re-reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series of which the first book is called: Dragonflight. That may have been part of my enthusiasm for the new expansion, and I bought it right away, day one.

It must be tricky timing releases. For me, I am primed for new content, so I am an easy mark. This has to fit into their quarterly financial report and all kinds of factors that I cannot imagine. So, the proof in the pudding is that everyone I know has bought the top package; seeing our hunter in raid with the new tmog wings was really great to see.

But: six months? That is a super short time if that part of the game is not even in Alpha yet. How can it be? My thought is that there are no new systems being introduced. The “new system” is the talent tree design and all of those spells have been tried and balanced and tested in the real game for a long time. Assuming that the artwork is in place (how can it be?), it may not be such a challenge to cobble together the beginning of an expansion in six months.

And, in my opinion, the best time to release a new expansion is right when school starts; everyone is done with summer, ready to be indoors and ready to squeeze in some hours on a new game before the classes drop all of the homework and exams and projects. Imagine this new expansion in three months!

Blizzard has been nerfing the current raid a lot. We have to be able to get our AOTC before this season four thing shows up with rotating raids. Part of the nerf is because the darned raid has some of the most punishing and complicated mechanics that I’ve ever seen. Many of us over-gear the content (the drops are meaningless) because of m+ but I rarely see a phase push except in the Pantheon boss. So, we are not really that over-powered or the mechanics are designed to prevent us from steam-rolling the content.

All in all, a six-month timed hype release will be really fun. As they release the new versions of the talent trees for the classes and then we’ll get more information on the new heroic class and peeks at the raid designs (and bosses) and hints, hopefully, of why we want to go there at all — this could be a lot of fun in the build-up.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-Order Dragonflight

  1. I am holding off. I won’t be sold on the artwork which is always out of the park. I want to see what is happening to Shadowpriests. Is it just going to be a continuation of the same frustrating design that they refuse to admit is to punishing for anyone not at top skill. At the most, I will get a basic edition. But a lot is depending on how gas prices go. I’ve gone from $25 a week to drive to work to spending $75 now. So that $30 a month for two accounts we rarely play, plus the new expansion? It will need to prove itself with definitive information. I got burned with BfA, shadowlands has ruined any trust I had with Blizzard. So I’m waiting, it’s in their hands

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  2. I have no shame. I am a shill and bought the Epic version version. In my mind the free character boost($65), mount($20), and pet($10), which I would have have bought at some point anyway if they were sold separately, is a $95 discount off of the $70 Heroic version. The additional helmet-mog($10), wing-mog($10), and game-time($15), again things I’d have bought at some point if sold separately, means there is a combined discount of $130 off of a $90 Epic version. I’m toying with applying that discount to a physical CE version for more freebies.

    Sending you all best wishes for your prog to AOTC. We got Andi down 2 weeks ago (we wound up not progging last week due to one of our nights being Father’s Day and the other due to illnesses in the guild). This week we were able to get Lords down on the first night of prog with the “last pull of the night” magic. It’s a healer boss for sure, so make sure you’re geared for big throughput (Convoke, Inner Peace (2min Tranqs), and Germination (double rejuvs) were my best friend on this fight) we were a group of 2/3/6, due to a few DPS still being out. From what I’ve seen, Rygie isn’t too terribly different from Normal so I’m hopeful we’ll get him down in a night or two.

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