Soaring to Iron Forge

Soaring to Iron Forge

Well, I blew through all the pre-patch stuff. Bags, toy, pet and even that funny coin achievement from our adventure guide. I have the tmog stuff for the four sets from the elemental invasions and so the heirloom piece and that achievement too!

The Evoker is fun. There is a kind of mini-game with Soar. This spell launches you up into the air and you can glide. With two supporting spells, you can get pretty far.


I Soared from Stormwind to Iron Forge. It took me five Soars with a three minute cooldown, so I idled in some place waiting. It was and is fun. I Soared down the rivers by Westfall and Duskwood. I’m not very good yet but I think you can get pretty far if you do it right.

Practice, grasshopper.


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