Dragon Fight: Week One

Dragon Flight: Week One

The expansion dropped on Monday, today is Friday morning. The game is currently down for fixes and stuff. Otherwise, I’d be playing.

Let’s see …

The game is fun and worth the purchase.

My path was to follow the campaign quests and to ignore the side quests but I’ll admit to doing some of those too. They are fun and challenging and, can I say, reasonable.

I dinged 70 last night and finished the campaign at 69 which had opened world quests and an easy path to 70 at the end. The players in our guild all finished days before me and it was hard not to be streaking ahead like they were, today we call it fear of missing out. I’m a grown-up, being two days behind in a two-year expansion is nothing. Some of the campaign quests were laugh-out-loud funny.

Dragon Flying is a major feature and totally fun and sometimes hard. It was super frustrating to start and to learn. Getting the glyphs was major for me and I spent hours on Day One getting a bunch of them and my life-syle was much better.

There are no Callings. I was bummed about that because they rewarded gold. I was counting on some daily feature but there is none. The WQs just change over every day and why would you do them except early on for some gear upgrades.

My professions are Engineering, Mining, Fishing and Cooking. These are very complicated and challenging. The same fear of missing out pushes me to try to get that stuff leveled when the design is for it to take months. I need to let the game come to me but I can see the hurdle right there and want to get over it!

I have not even looked at Work Orders yet. My instinct is to look at them if I want to buy something before I’d look at the Auction House. So far: I don’t want to buy anything!

We raid in two weeks. I really don’t want to chain dungeons for gear but I think I’ll be doing that. I’ve done one so far (on normal), the bosses were easy and the trash can kill you. So, typical design and I expect the same in raids.

In some ways it is over-whelming to me, there is a lot. I mentioned the difficulty in something in Discord and got, “Oh? I did that first try. I didn’t see a problem in that”. So, for a while I hated Discord.

Ultimately, I’ll bring over my Army of Alts, gatherers and alchemists and skinners. Stepping right into dragon flying is the lure. Rested bonus goes fast I’m told. Since the Alts don’t need to be competitive in dungeons and raids it is really tempting. But, like I said, the professions are very complicated (at least, to me, right now).

To sum up: when the servers come back up, I’ll be eager to play. Maybe some mining and fishing for a while and to clean up a zillion side quests!


One thought on “Dragon Fight: Week One

  1. The alt army will be a piece of cake. Level one till rested xp is gone, then bench them. Level another one until rested xp is gone. Rinse/repeat/startover. Every alt has your main’s dragon riding talents available to them. So burn through it quickly and level all your alts without worrying about underlying story arcs they MUST do, because there are none. I’ve been told by power-levelers in my guild that if you start your alt in Azure Span and do EVERY quest, you’ll be 67ish when you run out of quests in the zone.

    Alt professions… erm… well… uhhh… yeah… we won’t talk about that right now.

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